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Tantra Massages Milan - Studio Shiva

Vanessa  Tantra Massage Lingam & Yoni

Vanessa, I have a degree in foreign languages (French and English) and a professional cosmetics degree. My soul and my personality brought me to the culture and philosophy of the Tantra massage, meeting various Tantra masters, who helped me to start this path and, later, achieving decades of experience in the Tantra world. I am specialized in Tantra disciplines with professional qualification from My Tantra Academy, I also followed a Spiritual Tantra path in Berlin, and received a diploma in relaxing massage. I perform tantric massage with my heart and soul, with unconditional love that leads to unique sensations, through an emotional voyage whose destination is to listen to the ego, to achieve awareness and to discover a kind of psycho-physical pleasure that only those who hold the way of the Tantra can give. I am a professional of the true, ultra sensorial Tantra massage, I give emotions and comfort, this is my biggest gratification.

Valentino Yoni Tantra Massage

Physical education teacher, graduated in relaxing massage, specialized in Tantra massage through international workshop of the school Spiritual Tantra in Berlin (I want to clarify that I have a decade of experience in Tantra massage, Tantra for couples and Tantra Yoni). I am a former athlete, 1.80m tall, attractive, polite, clean and friendly!
Through my Tantra massage, I help to achieve well-being, bringing your body to relaxation and helping to rediscover your sensuality through the release of the Chakra points, to stimulate and trigger endorphins in an increasing sensuality, to the reaching of the liberating triumph. The tantric orgasm is very intense for women, it is enjoyable and liberating, and often accompanied by squirting.

Tantric experience

Sexual pleasure that our body is able to experience is potentially unlimited. But how to move from theory to practice, and improve not only the orgasm, but the erotic quality of intimacy? The “first step may be to unlock our body so that the sexual energy can flow freely. Another tip, then, may be to change approach to sexuality, focusing less on the performance, the achieving of the result, and enjoy the erotic experience in its totality”. As in tantric sex. “In one of the metaphors used by tantra, the body is like a drum. What can make it sound more or less strong? It is not the clapper, but the very structure of the drum, as well as the awareness of the body as an instrument or even a full orchestra. Therefore the pleasure we feel does not depend so much on the partner, but on ourselves: the more we know ourselves and have deep knowledge of who we are and of our body, the more our sound will be loud, and the pleasure intense”. ”According to tantra there are four keys to overcoming the psychophysical limits of pleasure, which are: the attention, movement and rhythm, sound and breath. This is not to seek partners or the right situation, but to look within ourselves and expand our sexual energy. By opening one door at a time, we can enrich our emotional and sexual life.” How? ”Our body is naturally equipped with the 4 keys of pleasure: you just have to learn how to run them in the right way, to open access to a new erotic dimension”.