Internal Prostate Massage

Internal prostate massage Milano

Internal prostate massage

To massage the prostate from the inside it is necessary to insert one finger in the anus, because the gland is perceived as a bulge just a few centimeters deep into the rectum. This can stimulate the intestinal peristalsis, and, for this reason, it is usually advised to perform evacuation prior to receiving treatment.
    Modes and effects of massage: whether it is done manually, prostate massage should always take place in total safety. The insertion must be gentle, it may also be required to undertake a specific pose - for example, lying on the side, with slightly bent knees - which might facilitate the operation. The effects of the procedure are varied and involve both the sphere of well-being and that of pleasure. Firstly, massage can help enlarged conditions and swelling, helping the gland to absorb and drain the accumulated fluids and reduce inflammation. Last but not least, being strongly connected with the male reproductive element, the treatment may cause physical pleasure, while also helping the resolution of erectile deficit.

Benefits of Massage
As already mentioned, the prostate massage - internal and external - can bring benefits both to the gland’s level of health but also to encourage greater knowledge of its sexual functions.
In terms of health:

    Improvements in the blood supply to the gland and perineum;
    Reducing problems associated with enlarged prostate and the consequences that this entails, especially in terms of control of urination and rectal pain;
    It collaborates in reducing erectile deficit;
    It can stimulate the reabsorption of excess fluid sedimented and restores the normal production of the gland.

On the more specific terms of pleasure: