Lingam Massage

Lingam massage Milan

"Lingam: the male sexual organ." They are the channels of creative energy and pleasure. What is the tantric lingam massage? Only through a loving approach to the lingam, your pleasure can be intensified and heal your sexual problems.
You feel an intense heat on your skin and you will experience the depths of your innermost spirituality. You will learn to control your breathing and to release energy exploding in new sensations of tantric pleasure.

The Lingam massage also affects the testicles, perineum and prostate. Men need to learn to relax and receive.
The Lingam Massage allows the man to try a form of pleasure which is not normally used.
A sweet experience that will make you more receptive and live a more pleasurable experience from a new perspective. The Art of Tantra teaches that there are many nerve endings on the Lingam that correspond to other parts of the body.