Massage for Pregnant Women


It’s a tantric massage

It’s a tantric massage that is given with the use of hot oil, suitable music, soft lighting, on futons on the floor, with great bodily contact between massaged and masseur / masseuse (to better convey the emotional aspects using the skin as an emotional connection, thanks to a more acute sensitivity in receiving the massage, combined with a greater sense of freedom).

It’s a great sensory and emotional experience. It is preceded by a moment of knowledge and information sharing. Maintaining a level of heart connection, I lead you gently to the conscious contact with yourself, through which you can experience a state of well-being thanks to a very intimate massage, where emotions flow freely.
You feel the pleasure of having a body with which to be confident, inwardly united and in harmony. Every gesture is an invitation to relaxation, openness, pleasure.

The massage should not be avoided due to nausea because, as many studies indicate, the massage can help to reduce it. Usually, the massage during the first trimester, can help to reduce anxiety and help a woman relax, to give her time to process the fact that she is pregnant, and offer a pleasant way to enter her new life.

The importance of massage during pregnancy

The pregnancy massage or prenatal massage is a practice that assists and prepares the body of the future mother during the various stages preceding childbirth.

It helps to increase the functions of the muscles and joints, improves circulation, tones the body and relieves the expectant mother from all those well-known physical and psychological problems that often accompany pregnancy: back pain, muscle cramps, bone pain and joints, swelling and pain in the legs, water stagnation, depression (more or less light) etc.

It is an ancient and widespread practice in Indian and Ayurvedic cultures, whose popularity and spreading culture in the West is increasing for the valuable utility and benefit to both the mother and the unborn child.