Lingam Massage Courses

Lingam Massage Courses for Women and Couples - Milan

As time passes, the attraction of men goes dropping; Either out of habit or for other reasons. The Lingam Massage can give new sensations through an unusual touch: The Lingam massage works naturally on the male pleasure points, with simple pressure performed with your hands. In this way he can learn more about his own sexuality and his body and its "hidden treasures" making the experience of a couple more interesting and transgressive for both partners. During the Lingam Massage, in derivation of the Tantric massage, attention is placed on the development of his senses to awaken and express those skills that lead to a higher sensitivity of the body and emotions, discovering unexpected pleasure

The massage continues at the base of the LINGAM through stretching, twisting and circular movements over the glans, at the same time massaging the Sacred Spot.
Massage all around the head of his shaft and if you find that your receiver is going to ejaculate, stop, allowing the Lingam to soften a bit before resuming the massage.
The Lingam Massage is interrupted and resumed several times, to amplify the pleasure and adjust "ejaculation", learning to manage the resulting explosion of pleasure, the energy spreads throughout the body, and by the art of female seduction Tantric breathing increases up to the achievement of a long and intense orgasm.

What will you learn in "The Tantra Lingam Massage": for Women and Couples

     Freeing your erotic and sensual side, typical of the transgressive woman, increasing the emotional / sexual involvement of your man.
     The right preparation (foreplay) to implement the massage and get the maximum relaxation and excitement.
     How to create the best erotic atmosphere in order to enjoy thanks to the Lingam massage.
     The secret to achieving deep relaxation, (reducing by 90% performance anxiety), which will improve both your and his perceptions and the couple's relationship itself.
     How to stretch the time before orgasm.
     The introductory sensual massage before unleashing the pleasure of the lingam.