Tantra Massage Courses

Tantra Massage courses Milan

We offer holistic massage courses for individuals or groups: Tantra.

The courses include sessions with theoretical and practical sessions.

The course is open to all who wish to learn Tantra massage. We teach the concept of tantric-taoist massage. The course is suitable for men, women and couples, it can be divided into several sessions, by appointment. The benefits of the Tantra course are many, as this discipline works on all levels of the individual. The aim of the course is not only to acquire more knowledge, but also to become more aware of ourselves and our behaviors.

During the session the seven points of the chakras will be opened and closed. They start from the base of our spine and continue up to the cranio. Working on them means that you create balance between the everyday life and the spirituality.
From the point of view of sex, we become more aware of ourselves and what we like, and thanks to the teachings we learn, we greatly improve the way we make love, being able to have more fulfilling and complete sexual relations. We transform sexuality in a very deep spiritual experience, and reach previously unknown heights of pleasure, trying to reach the Tantric ecstasy.
From the point of view of love and of the couple, we can better understand our beloved, grasping the peculiarity of the appearance of male and female beauty; We rediscover what makes a couple last over time and reflect on the true nature of love, which is deeply altruistic.
We learn to create a much deeper connection, harmonious and satisfying with our beloved, and use the relationship as a powerful instrument of development and transformation.
But the benefits are not only these; in fact, in the course we will practice yoga exercises, meditation techniques, techniques of Tantric couple, conscience exercises, mantras. We will have benefits on the physical aspect (stronger and healthier body), mental aspect (calmer and harmonious mind), emotional aspect (we will be more balanced and centered) and spiritual aspect (deepen our inner journey).