Tantra Massage for Women

Massage Tantra for Woman - Milan

Surely if you arrived on this site dedicated to the Tantra massage it is because you're intrigued by the topic and would like to deepen it to better understand what it really is and how to experience it the right way.

The Tantra massage Woman considers the woman as the personification of wisdom, venerating all the qualities that belong to her: receptivity, loving kindness, compassion and beauty.
That’s why the Tantra massage for women is an experience of extreme sweetness, which looks after all the most sensitive parts of the female mind, too often underestimated.
During the massage, any energy block are liberated, balancing harmony and emotion.
The Yoni massage is a true act of love of the man towards the woman, that involves both the whole body and the emotional sphere, and allows the proper flow of energy in places where it is needed. Recall that the purpose of the treatment is not reaching orgasm, although it can happen, but to regain a state of inner well-being.

Tantra massage has many positive effects that are experienced differently by every woman. In particular, the effects will be amplified if it is experienced as a journey of personal growth.
First of all it teaches you to be aware of your body and your feelings, to manage emotions, to let the energy flow throughout your body and especially to manage your sexual energy.

Once you have mastered the functioning of your body, you will be able to understand your blocks, areas in which energy does not flow, and release it to run freely.

With this new awareness, the shakti is able to rediscover her sexuality, to learn more about her body and increase the perception of the erogenous zones, to decrease her emotional tensions related to the sexual sphere, to relieve menstrual pain, reduce the pain during sexual intercourse (vaginismus) and increase the intensity of orgasms.
Tantra massage has positive effects on the life of a couple, in fact, when the woman is in tune with herself, her body is able to enter into a deeper intimacy with her partner.
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