Tantra Massage

Tantra massage in Milano

It is the "Way" of ecstasy that through the use of sexual energy, the most powerful force we have, allows you to experience the body as a Sacred Space where the sex flame is expressed.
The word Tantra can take on a wide range of meanings: it indicates the same way the texture of fabric, back and forth, a mystical or magical doctrine, a scientific work but also the conducting of a ceremony, continuity, succession and lineage.
It comes from the root between "expansion" and "liberation", the word, therefore, denotes a set of doctrines and practices of ancient times with the aim to expand the ordinary state of consciousness.
Tantra is a process to make us more conscious. It pushes us to wake up, to be more attentive to the restrictions and identifications of our false ego and transform masks with which we also use our sexual energy and become more viable through the conveyance and the crossing of all our energies that make us the transcendent energy, mental energy, expressive energy, emotional energy, radiant energy, emotional and sexual energy.