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Masseur Tantra - Yoni Milano

Valentino Massage Tantra Yoni ( 10 years of experience in the sector tantra )

Physical education teacher, graduated in relaxing massage, specialized in Tantra massage through international workshop of the school Spiritual Tantra in Berlin (I want to clarify that I have a decade of experience in Tantra massage, Tantra for couples and Tantra Yoni). I am a former athlete, 1.80m tall, attractive, polite, clean and friendly!
Through my Tantra massage, I help to achieve well-being, bringing your body to relaxation and helping to rediscover your sensuality through the release of the Chakra points, to stimulate and trigger endorphins in an increasing sensuality, to the reaching of the liberating triumph. The tantric orgasm is very intense for women, it is enjoyable and liberating, and often accompanied by squirting.