Vanessa- Expert in Tantra Massage

Tantra Masseuse Milan

Vanessa Massage Tantra Lingam & Yoni ( 10 years of experience in the sector Tantra )

Vanessa, I have a degree in foreign languages (French and English) and a professional cosmetics degree. My soul and my personality brought me to the culture and philosophy of the Tantra massage, meeting various Tantra masters, who helped me to start this path and, later, achieving decades of experience in the Tantra world. I am specialized in Tantra massage with attested massage from My Tantra Academy, I also followed a Spiritual Tantra path in Berlin, and received a diploma in relaxing massage. I perform tantric massage with my heart and soul, with unconditional love that leads to unique sensations, through an emotional voyage whose destination is to listen to the ego, to achieve awareness and to discover a kind of psycho-physical pleasure that only those who hold the way of the Tantra can give. I am a professional of the true, ultra sensorial Tantra massage, I give emotions and comfort, this is my biggest gratification.

I perform:



pampering and relaxing LOMI LOMI MASSAGE





Lingam is the Sanskrit word to define the male genital organ.

Firstly, a muscular and energetic massage is performed on the whole body (especially lumbar area, back, shoulders, legs and neck), it is aimed to help the muscles to relax and to open up sexual energy chakras. Then the Lingam massage starts including testicles, perineum and the prostate (outside or inside).

You will feel a sense of relaxation that will permeate your body, and a peace that will go down your spine.

Gradually you will begin to experience a new form of pleasure, to which you are not accustomed.

A sweet experience that will make you more receptive.

Orgasm is not the goal of the Lingam massage, although it can be a very pleasant effect of total satisfaction.

Tantra Massage can be combined with PROSTATE MASSAGE, aimed at stimulating the prostate, which is men’s “G" point, either for a physical benefit, or to increase the pleasure of orgasm. The PROSTATE massage is pleasant and offers a great contribution to very intense and satisfying orgasms. Many people want to repeat it after trying it.


The massage is customized on women's sensitivity, allowing the woman to be petted and rocked gently.

It is a very emotional muscle treatment.

Massaging the chakra points, aware of the sexual energy, you will experience relaxing feelings that help you release tension and accumulated stress, awakening the dormant sensuality to savor the pleasure of hearing a new energy flowing inside you, which will also involve the private parts.

Therefore, the YONI massage, which gradually and with a lot of sensitivity has the aim to involve the genitals of the woman, wants to achieve a deep relaxation, an awakening of sensations, the simple and intense pleasure to be caressed with love and sweetness, inducing in you a state of bliss, in which the orgasm can be an additional component or can not occur at all.

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for "Vagina" and has the meaning of "sacred place - temple”.


4 hands Kundalini Tantra massage is performed while participants are naked on the futon, with soft lighting, candles and essences, the piped music accompanies the woman or the man to the tantric ritual. The massage is performed simultaneously by the masseur and masseuse stimulating all areas of the body: feet, legs, buttocks, back, arms, hands, neck, head, face and finally the genitals. They are caressed with slight and graduated pressures, performed with circular rubbing, sweet and relaxing.
The woman or the man is naked, as well as the masseur and masseuse, who will use their whole body to perform the massage. When finished massaging the back of the body, it is up to the front. At this point, the Lingam massage is performed by the masseuse. This type of massage is very intense, the male and female energy masseurs focuses on Chakra of those who are massaged, giving off a strong sexual pleasure that leads to orgasm.