Yoni Massage

Yoni massage Milan

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for "Vagina" and has the meaning of "sacred place - temple”.
This massage is a practice of Tantric origin, whose basic philosophy is of love and respect.

Yoni is the sacred place of every woman and, like air, water, night, sleep and relaxation, even Yoni requires a slow and gradual approach of love.
Therefore, the YONI massage, which gradually and with a lot of sensitivity has the aim to involve the genitals of the woman, wants to achieve a deep relaxation, an awakening of sensations, the simple and intense pleasure to be caressed with love and sweetness, This massage is based on the physiological YIN of the woman.
YIN is the part of each of us that is slow, calm and gentle.

90% of women don't even suspect the infinite possibilities of attention that you can turn to these complex areas; authentic unexplored worlds often foolishly considered taboo so that, because of the unhealthy education in the Western world, millions of women don't even know what it means to feel an orgasm, or those who can experience it, perhaps don’t not know the possibility of ecstatic pleasures that go far beyond what is normally known.
With the Yoni massage the woman has the chance to learn more about herself and her body developing radiant femininity.

The Yoni massage is a practice focused entirely on the pleasure of the woman, which is gradually and calmly conducted towards an increasingly immersive enjoyment, through sensual and delicate contact. Most massage culminates with the orgasm, but that is not the ultimate goal of the massage.
It is a specific vaginal massage that a partner gives to the woman to make her try very intense pleasure... giving her a real journey of self discovery and of her dormant potential. In fact, the Yoni massage is not to be seen as a simple massage to the vagina.

Yoni in Sanskrit refers to the female reproductive organs: the massage is a real labor of love for the partner of the woman, in the sense that all the gestures and manipulations are done with feeling and desire to bring pleasure to the receiver without asking for anything in return.